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Department Design

With over 400 students and 200 members of staff, the Department of Design (DDE) is one of Switzerland’s leading teaching and research institutions for design. We have a comprehensive, modern understanding of design which goes beyond pure aesthetics and utility and is dedicated to critical thinking and a broad approach. The department is divided into seven subject areas where teaching, research, further education and services are conducted.

Our design programme includes a wide range of future-oriented topics. In the individual specializations within the Bachelor of Arts in Design, students learn the subject-specific principles and essential skills needed to start a career in design. We offer Master of Arts in Design programmes which are research-oriented and focus on broadening and deepening individual areas of design expertise. International university cooperative programmes allow students to continue their studies to doctorate level.

The Institute for Design Research (IDE) is organised as an integrative institute, coordinating and supporting the subject areas in its research projects and connecting researchers and external research partners. Research at the Department of Design covers a range of perspectives – from basic and applied research to spin-off projects. In terms of content, the IDE’s profile builds on the direction the Subject Areas are taking, which contributes significantly to the Department’s position in the areas of Social Relevance, Technical Innovation and Emancipation of Economic Models.

As well as providing teaching at Bachelor and Master’s level, the Department of Design also offers module-based further education formats. These range from composite courses to extra-occupational certificate courses (CAS, DAS, MAS). The Department plans to broaden its range of courses over the next few years.

Subject Area Cast/Audiovisual Media
Subject Area Game Design
Subject Area Industrial Design
Subject Area Interaction Design
Subject Area Knowledge Visualization
Subject Area Trends & Identity
Subject Area Visual Communication