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The Umbrella Project

«The Umbrella Project» is an ongoing research project that explores the use of 3D audio and projection mapping to achieve a sense of immersion without isolating the participants from the real world; essentially, enabling an imaginary fantasy world come to life in our own. We employ multiple levels of 3D audio and projection mapping (both directly within and on the umbrella, as well as throughout the room itself) in order to transport the participant into this virtual world.

The end goal of the project is to create a series of navigable compositions in the form exploratory sonic worlds, as well as interactive experiences where the participants’ behaviours (relative to each other and the world) shape the sonic and visual environment.

Naturally, these environments are best experienced from directly underneath the umbrella, where one can best appreciate the various levels of MR; however, as this research project is still ongoing, today we present a short performance demonstrating some of our early results as a teaser of what is to come.

Composer, electrical engineer, and creative technologist Eric Larrieux (b.1982) earned his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Boston University and Northeastern University, respectively, and CAS in Computer Music from ZHdK. He is currently a research associate at the Immersive Arts Space as well as at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology at ZHdK, where he is also pursuing a MA in Electroacoustic Composition. His professional background lies predominantly in signal processing R&D, sensor and system integration, data science, and robotics. Beyond music composition, he works on topics including AI, physical computing, 3D audio, artistic installations, and live electronics.


Immersive Arts Space, 1.J30 Level 1

Eric Larrieux

Eric Larrieux, Stella Speziali, Martin Fröhlich, Corinne Soland, Mariana Vieira Grünig


The Umbrella Project. Immersive Arts Space. ZHdK.
The Umbrella Project. Immersive Arts Space. ZHdK.