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Patrik Ferrarelli

Patrik Ferrarelli

Assistant & Lecturer, Subject Area Visual Communication

Patrik Ferrarelli studied Visual Communication at Zurich University of the Arts. Prior to that, he worked at the Institute of Virtual Manufacturing at ETH Zurich under Prof. Dr. Josef Reissner, where he was responsible for the concept and design of a multi-media lecture consisting of ten dissertations. Alongside his studies, he worked at Minddesign in London, carrying out projects in visual identity, amongst other things.

After graduating, Patrik Ferrarelli founded the Studio Visuelle Gestaltung which takes on design and consulting work in the commercial, institutional and cultural sector. As co-ordination and teaching assistant for the Master of Arts programme in Design, Visual Communication (ZHdK), he has organisational responsibilities but also teaches workshops with a focus on interdisciplinary and explorative design. In 2016, he received the award «Die 100 besten Plakate DE AUT CH» (The 100 Best Posters Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for one of his workshop posters.