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Discussion. Gender Salon – Women in Games

The megatrend Gamification has brought gaming out of a niche community into the middle of our society. Digital games have become our everyday medium in recent years and almost half of all gamers are now female. But women in games are still associated with clichés. For a long time, digital games were considered “boys’ toys”, designed from a male point of view for a male target group and thematically revolving around war, football and car racing. The ongoing gender shift has also changed this area and we talk about current developments of women in games, discuss consumer preferences of women and men, and speak about challenges and opportunities of female game designers within the game industry


25 May, 2018, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Designmuseum Danmark, Festsalen

Discussion Lead:

Larissa Holaschke (Research Fellow, Subject Area Trends & Identity, ZHdK)


Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken (Senior Researcher, Subject Area Game Design, Zurich University of the Arts and CEO & Co-Founder Sphery Ltd.), Maike Thies (Research Fellow, Subject Area Game Design, ZHdK), Helen Galliker (Graduate BA-Specialisation, Subject Area Game, ZHdK)

© Gender Salon, 2018.
© Gender Salon, 2018.