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New Stages for Games, Theatre, Dance & Film

In her talk Maike Thies explores the potential of a rapprochement between games, film, dance and theatre. The overlapping of analogue and digital and deducing therefrom new possibilities of participation, gamification of stories and perceiving space will be explored and discussed on the basis of selected projects, among other things with a view to VR technologies available today. Will immersive technologies transform what we see today as a stage into purely virtual scenarios in the near future? How will stories unfold and performative actions take place in such virtual spaces? How will the roles of viewers and performers shift in the face of this major technological change?


25 May, 2018 & 26 May, 2018, 4:15 pm to 4:30 pm


Designmuseum Danmark, Festsalen


Maike Thies (Research Fellow, Subject Area Game Design, ZHdK)

© A MAZE Playful Media Festival. Maike Thies, 2018.
© A MAZE Playful Media Festival. Maike Thies, 2018.