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Studio ilio. Fabio Hendry

Hendry‘s work explores disruptive approaches to industrial manufacturing, revealing alternative systems of production. He believes that design and ecology should be an integrated practice and that an emphasis on materiality enables us to reconsider the building blocks of our world. In 2015, he founded Studio ilio, a London based design agency fostering material innovation and experimental fabrication.

The Hot Wire Extensions series explores alternative processes of making. The innovative technique reuses waste nylon powder from SLS 3D printing, a material currently not recycled. The process starts by building a shape from thin nichrome wire that fits within the dimensions of a cuboid container. The wire is placed inside the box, filled with a mixture of pure silica sand and waste nylon powder. Sand acts both as a filler material, preventing the nylon powder from dripping off the wire, and also as a heat conductor. A battery sends an electric current through the resistant metal, melting the surrounding nylon. The process turns the transient into a solid, seamlessly binding the material to find its own organic, bone-like ideal structure.

Participants will produce small objects with Hendry's Hot-Wire-Extensions-technique during the workshop.

Workshop lead:
Fabio Hendry

September 28th, 10:00 am

Workshops ZHdK, Meeting Point: Reception Entry Hall (level 3)


Waste nylon powder (from SLS 3D printing), cristobalite sand, copper tube, nichrome wire



Studio ilio. Fabio Hendry
Studio ilio. Fabio Hendry
Studio ilio. Fabio Hendry