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Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, Refresh #3 will be a hybrid conference. A part of the speakers and workshop leaders will be physically present on-site, while others will participate virtually via video conferencing tools. A limited local audience will be attending the conference in the building of the Zurich University of the Arts, as allowed by current hygiene measures. Access to certain events may require face masks.

For the local audience, access to the keynotes, talks, masterclasses, performances and the exhibition is regulated via the ticketing system.

In addition, selected streaming services will be available to a wider public, that will not be able to travel to Zurich in September. More details regarding the streaming will be available by the end of the month of August in our schedule.

So far, travel to Switzerland is permitted from EU countries with few exceptions involving a mandatory quarantine. Travelling from a large number of countries outside the EU is not possible. More details and regular updates on travel regulations can be found on the website Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and on the corresponding websites of the countries of origin.