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Baby’s Dilemma

The piece entitled «Baby’s Dilemma» takes the form of a photograph of a small child’s bust brought to life through our voice with help from a deep fake software in order to give a monologue. This little sculpture has become our lucky charm and is present in each of our works, like a small ghostly presence, a fetish amulet. This «baby», as we call it, speaks freely about its aspirations, ideas, status. Still in the form of an abstract concept, it incarnates our potential of conceiving children but having chosen not to, and rather focusing this creative energy into our work.Yet this baby has a slightly irritating presence – it never stops speaking and disturbs us from fully focusing on anything else.

Maria Guta & Lauren Huret

Sound creation:
Flexfab, Maria Guta & Lauren Huret


11’15 minutes

Video installation, print on cardboard and iPad

Production partners:
Swiss Art Awards 2023


Gallery 2: 5.K09 (level 5)

«Baby’s Dilemma» at the Swiss Art Awards, 2023. © Gina Folly.
«Baby’s Dilemma» at the Swiss Art Awards, 2023. © Gina Folly.