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Their Masters Voice

AATB was founded around a strong interest in the diffusion of robotics and automation technologies outside of factory floors. The studio has been for more than 5 years exploring and questioning the use of robotics as a creative tool for research and practice in the fields of art, design and architecture, developing along the way the necessary infrastructure and skills to build upon these highly specialised systems.The studio recently relocated from Marseille to Zürich and in this masterclass we will be developing on the milestones that brought us into existence, and where we are currently going. The second part of the masterclass will take place by our new installation «Spare Pack», part of the exhibition, where we will share some insights into the research, development and production of the work.

AATB is the collaborative practise of Andrea Anner and Thibault Brevet,both graduates from ECAL. Having previously worked on interactive objects and installations, they encountered an industrial robotic arm five years ago. This crystallised an ongoing research around human/machine interactions and led them to investigate the potential of robotics and industrial automation to exist outside the realm of factory floors.Their practise involves a tight connection and understanding of manufacturing processes, ranging from software programming, electronics to mechanical engineering and precision machining. Reflecting on the dissemination and assimilation of robotics into mundane activities, their work critically explores novel situations arising from these shifts. Since 2020, the studio operates a Motion Control service for the film industry: Superposition. The studio is based between Zurich and Marseille.

Andrea Anner & Thibault Brevet

November 11th, 2023
4:00 to 5:30 pm

4.K15 (level 4)
Zurich University of the Arts


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