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Let's Talk: Immersive Technologies - New Realities

Digitalization has long since permeated our everyday lives. As a result, the creative industry is also in a state of flux. Immersive and disruptive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality or artificial intelligence are changing the fields of activity and work of artists and designers. Together with our guests, we will examine the opportunities and risks of new technologies for games, film, theatre, journalism and the arts in general.

Natasha Sebben (Game Designer)
Maria Guta and Lauren Huret (Artist Duo)
Dr. phil. Björn Franke (Lecturer in Interaction Design)
Florian Bruggisser (Research Associate, Immersive Arts Space, ZHdK)

Maike Thies (Artistic Co-Direction & Curator REFRESH).

September 10th, 2022, noon to 1:00 pm

Bruggerstrasse 37, 5400 Baden

Identity by Patrik Ferrarelli & Andreas Refsgaard. © ZHdK.
Identity by Patrik Ferrarelli & Andreas Refsgaard. © ZHdK.