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REFRESH X Fantoche #2

What influence do immersive technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), have on our self-perception? How does artificial intelligence (AI) change our individual behaviour and that of entire societies? How does the advancing digitalization affect the creative industry, and what potential does it derive for its subdisciplines?

Under the subtitle «New Realities: Design - Arts - Technology», the interdisciplinary exhibition «REFRESH X Fantoche» and it's public programme present selected projects dedicated to the themes of «Immersive Journalism», «Play», «Worldbuilding» and «Design Realities». Through films, games, VR experiences and innovative technical experiments, «REFRESH X Fantoche» reflects the zeitgeist, questions the role of designers and artists in an increasingly digitalized world, and discusses possibilities for binding ethics in dealing with the flood of available data.

About REFRESH festival
«REFRESH» is an interdisciplinary festival format that brings together designers, artists, researchers and experts from Switzerland and abroad. In keynotes, masterclasses, screenings, performances and a comprehensive exhibition, REFRESH explores possible futures for design and the arts.

The festival takes place annually at the Toni-Areal and is initiated by the Department of Design and the Immersive Arts Space of Zurich University of the Arts.

REFRESH is curated and co-directed by Maike Thies, Research Associate, Head of Interdisciplinary Innovation and Head of Communication at the Department of Design, Zurich University of the Arts.

Maike Thies (Curation & Co-direction of REFRESH Festival)
Prof. Dr. Chris Salter(Co-direction of REFRESH Festival, Head of Immersive Arts Space)
Marco Bach (Video)
Léa Ermuth (Junior Communication Manager)
Patrik Ferrarelli (Identity & Branding)
Flurin Fischer (Exhibition assistance & art education, Editor)
Stefan Kraft (Technical Manager)
Stephan Wespi (Head of Scenography)

REFRESH #4. Recap-Video by Marco Bach. © ZHdK.