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BeWear - bespoke ai wear

Dr. Frauke Link and Verena Ziegler are the creative heads and founders of the idea to think fashion from the perspective of the individual body. Rather than adapting individual bodies to standardized norms and rules, the project explores the beauty of imperfection, identity and the arising of a new transient generation. In Verena`s interdisciplinary PhD investigation, the project started from scratch and ignored the hitherto dominant assumptions about the historical art and rules of standardized sewing patterns, going back to some 150 years ago (E. Butterick, 1863) at the beginning of the industrial age and capitalism.

Instead, the project took an experimental body-centred approach to create algorithmically bespoke sewing patterns using off-standard intersection lines based on the individual body topology. The start-up business based in Germany with the patent and technology under OpenDress and in Switzerland with the B-B sales system as «BeWear», translates virtually processed 3D surfaces, generated from human body scan data via a mobile phone, into an anonymized avatar to generate clothing based on the individual body. The result is a new AI pattern design technique as the basis for developing mass tailoring bespoke sewing patterns.

Verena Ziegler (Co-founder and CEO BeWear and OpenDress GmbH), Dr. Frauke Link (Co-founder and CTO BeWear and OpenDress GmbH), Nico Bruegel (Computer Scientist OpenDress), Felix Hinderer (Computer Scientist OpenDress)


R&D project

Germany, Switzerland

Cooperation partners:
ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science Interactive Geometry Lab, Institut Hohenstein Germany, Open Innovation Lab - Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik Konstanz

Project status:
In development