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Duncan Speakman

Listening to immersion and augmented realities

We are all immersed, always. In physical environments, digital networks, in social and political constructs, and yet discussion around ‘immersive media’ is often led by examples of works that cocoon us. Can we reframe the idea of immersive media as something that instead exposes and reveals the entangled ecologies we exist in? Focusing on mobile audio and augmented experiences, this workshop offers a mixture of provocations, discussion and practical exercises that explore the following themes:

- The complexity of mobile audio and the listening of elsewhere.
- Can augmenting mean more than just adding? How do we leave space for the world to happen and how do we let our work engage in a dialogue with it?
- What legacies of site-specific performance can show us about augmented reality and the continued blurring of the line between the ‘work’ and the ‘world’.

Duncan Speakman is a composer and sound artist based at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol. He creates narrative sound led experiences that engage audiences in uncontrolled public and private space. He regularly creates bespoke work internationally including installations on trains in Guangzhou, loudspeaker symphonies in New Zealand, audio walks in Saitama, and sound installations in Porto; he has also recently developed a number of hybrid print/digital experiments. His current research is in the relationship between locative urban audio experiences and contemporary ecology, wrapping the questions in melancholy and romance.

September 19th, 2020, 10:00 am

Virtual Masterclass

Please make sure you have a device you can record sound with, and that you have the option to playback on speakers and headphones (a different times, not simultaneously!). If possible it should be a portable device and you have the ability to go out into the world, though this is not essential to take part in the workshop.


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