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Kiira Benzing

VR Theatre & Virtual Rehearsals

What does it mean to rehearse theatre in VR? In her Masterclass, Kiira offers learnings following her different VR theatre productions. In her session, she explains the work with designers and actors entirely in VR.

Kiira is a multi-dimensional director crossing the mediums of theatre, hybrid cinema and virtual reality. VR credits include: «Cardboard City» which won the Samsung Gear VR contest (2016) and premiered at the NYFF in 2016. For her interactive VR experience «Runnin’» starring Reggie Watts, she was the first VR director to film on the Intel Studios volumetric capture stage (Sundance 2019, Jury Award for Interactive at SXSW 2019). «Loveseat», (VR Theatre - Venice Film Festival 2019) was performed simultaneously before live and virtual audiences. Her latest VR Theatre production. «Finding Pandora X» featured Broadway actors and was recently performed virtually at the Venice Film Festival 2020. She is the founder of Double Eye Studios which specializes in VR Theatre, live events and virtual production.

September 20th, 2020, 2:00 pm

Virtual Masterclass

Christian Iseli


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Talk by Kiira Benzing