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«Frontiers» is a politically-charged machinima that challenges the conventional boundaries of game narrative and the potential for social dialogue within the gaming community. A dynamic reimagining of the Half-Life 2 engine, the game allows players to assume roles of refugees or various authorities, experiencing the real-life migratory journey from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe, fraught with border conflicts and the struggle for survival.

The game, on which the machinima is based, is rooted in extensive field research conducted in Ukraine, Slovakia, Spain, and Morocco, incorporating authentic interviews with refugees, aid workers, and authorities. This serves to humanize the often faceless discourse surrounding global migration, grounding it in real stories and lived experiences.
«Frontiers» takes the first-person shooter genre to new intellectual heights, shaping it into a space for intercultural exchange and understanding. The project combines the thrill and engagement of a video game with the authenticity and thought-provoking nature of a documentary, carving a niche within the gaming landscape as both a piece of art and a tool for political discourse.

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«Frontiers» by gold extra. © gold extra.
«Frontiers» by gold extra. © gold extra.