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The warm blood of bees is preserved in water bottles

2048 – As a result of continuous technical progress, the upper strata of society now mainly move in virtual spaces – an exclusive retreat into a luxurious reality. In this short film the globally positioned Swiss company «The Haven» advertises in real time its virtual spaces and services. At the same time, a group of anarchists launch an attack on the master data of these spaces – in an attempt to reverse the present fragmentation of society. By applying reality-shifting measures, virtual objects are stripped of their gravity, subtracted, multiplied, de- and re-contextualised, moved, enlarged, abstracted or modified by the introduction of interfering elements. Perception is visually, acoustically and associatively distorted, the virtual spaces disintegrate, and the system collapses. A staging of ten distinct mechanisms for altering virtual reality by means of ten constructed spaces.

Lukas Helfer
Cedric Oppliger

Project Type:
BA diploma project Visual Communication


4:37 minutes


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