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Priscille Jotzu

Hand-made Future?

Priscille Jotzu (*1990) is a French born designer, artist and researcher. With a perspective focused on experimentation, conceptual thinking and research into a singularity, she investigates our relation to the daily mundane artefacts, more specifically through the spectrum of the lower senses. She completed her education within the design department of the Beaux-arts school of Angers, France (BA and MA Object Design) as well as at Zurich University of the Artsl (MA Trends&Identity) where she studied strategic and visual design, trends and future forecasting and empirical social research. Her expertise range from creative consultancy with a focus on scents and materials, creation and production of custom-made objects and set design as well as future research with focus on innovation, prospective objects and design fiction. She works both on commissioned and self-initiated projects in the scope of design and art, producing one-of-a-kind artefacts and speculative objects that aim to stretch the narratives of the real and give space to our imaginaries.

Priscille is part of REFRESH Festival Copenhagen with her project «Smell Forward».

Priscille Jotzu

May 23rd, 2019, 2:00 pm

Swiss Embassy, Hellerup


Priscille Jotzu