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All the Lives

The immersive installation «All the Lives» allows the audience to virtually experience themselves in alternative life situations. After the audience has their image taken, it is integrated into five short films using a deep fake algorithm. This allows the audience to see themselves in a synthesized reality of life, for example, as senior citizens on the terrace of their sunny beach house or sitting alone at a table, trapped in a dreary office or as movie stars besieged by flashing cameras, or as athletes pummeling a punching bag. «All the Lives» is a philosophical machine that brings opting for a certain way of life, with all its limitations, into sharp focus while at the same time offering a projection screen for the self and potential alternate identities.

Concept: Dr. phil. Björn Franke
Programming: Paulina Zybinska
Video: Nadine Cocina
Casting: Isabela Gygax
Actors: Melisa Sari Arslan, Kemal Dempster, June Donkor, Walesca Frank, Christoph Gross, Kurt Herzog, Astrid Kehl, Susann Klossek, Elijah Knight, Rahim Lascandri, Christian Leugger, Teresa Matusadila Leuzinger, Oliver Meier, Jemsith Regan Raveendran, Clifford Seidmann, Tina Schmid, Ramona Sprenger, Kate Tsui


Cooperation partner:
Subject Area in Visual Communication
Zurich University of the Arts

Immersive Installation

«All the Lives» by Björn Franke, Nadine Cocina and Paulina Zybinska. © ZHdK
«All the Lives» by Björn Franke, Nadine Cocina and Paulina Zybinska. © ZHdK