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Finite Mirror

The mirror of the future is digital

See and be seen. What will the «self» be in the future? How do we see ourselves between the edited pictures on Instagram, the cute dog ears on Snapchat and the algorithms that will soon know us better than we know ourselves? The installation «Finite Mirror» playfully deals with the interference between our analogue world and the digital sphere.

The system behind «Finite Mirror» is called «NEVO - Neural Volumetric Capture» and is being developed at the Immersive Arts Space ZHdK. It is based on a combination of different machine learning models that enable the transformation of a single image into a 3D avatar. «NEVO - Neural Volumetric Capture» allows artists and designers to create human avatars and to experiment with these novel methods.

Design team & partner:
Lead and Development: Florian Bruggisser
Motion Capture: Chris Elvis Leisi
Dataset Generation: Patxi Exequiel Aguirre


Immersive Arts Space
Zurich University of the Arts

NEVO - Neural Volumetric Capture

«Finite Mirror». Immersive Arts Space. © ZHdK.
«Finite Mirror». Immersive Arts Space. © ZHdK.